Thursday, August 31, 2006

Seven days

Distribution workers have been on strike for seven days, the company is still refusing to negotiate honestly and is using scab workers to stock their store's at twice the normal pay rate. Workers from the center in favona have been stageing pickets at store's which are operating as de facto distribution center and have been turning trucks away all day. Despite not being paid in a week their spirits have not broken and these workers are not about to back away from what they are fighting for. If you have any spare time this weekend join the picket at 80 favona road.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Action in Mt Wellington

Workers from mangere staged a picket for 2 hours this evening, they came across strike breakers getting paid twice the rate of normal workers and talked to dozens of shoppers about why they were on strike. Leaflets were handed out to shoppers and large speakers broadcast why the workers were their. The strike/lockout looks set to continue indefinetly as mediations broke down today and the supermarket attempts to play hardball with these workers lives. These workers are finding the strike/lockout hard and will be feeling the loss of a weeks pay so far. Public and supporters are encouraged to visit the picket at 90 favona road mangere or to give donations of food or money.

Shelves were running empty throughout the store. I got kicked out after takeing a few pics, they were very nervous about cameras in the store
This frucor beverages truck was unloading stock directly to the supermarket in violation of an injunction the NDU have recieved.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Sun Sets On a Fourth Day Of Strike Action In Mangere

Vertical Space

In an urban garden space is at a premium and vertical space omes to play a large part in raising productivity. Many crops can be stacked eg corn growing up and pumpkins along - something i am doing on my guerrilla garden plots (photos of them to come)
This is something I worked on when i had spare time in the holidays it works like this, water comes off the tree hut into a gutter then into the yellow container you see below. From their is goes into the hose which has a few holes in it over the passion fruit to constantly drip irigate it. It is working fine at the moment but I have some improvements to make eg more plants and pots up the tree and a larger reservoir.

Grape vine growing through a Kawakawa tree and a Fig tree and scrambling over the garage roof.

Golden Passionfruit growing up a fence and into the Tree Hut tree.

I dont know what they are surviving on but thats nastirtium growing on top of a shed, they grow right up the hedge as well. I found the Airport sign on the beach last week.

Strike Continues With No End To Action In Sight

Today Workers in mangere voted unanimously to continue strike action as the strike continues in its fourth day. Supermarkets around Auckland and the country are likely to feel the effects of this action soon as reports say some store are running low on some items. Actions against progressives are likely to continue in all sectors with supermarket workers continuing their shelf respect campaign for higher wages and an end to youth rates. The workers are still in good spirits and donations of food and money are beggining to come in from the community and those that have heard about the strike. These workers are some of the poorest in New Zealand making this strike action all the more significant.

Strategic Parking
The main entrance to the Progressives supermarket distribution center is blocked with 2 busses and four cars, if the police were to try and break the picket they would have a riot on their hands. One striker was arrested in mangere this morning. These cars are blocking the main entrance to perhaps the largest distribution center in New Zealand.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Progressive's Strike Enters a Third Day
workers in mangere voted unanimously to continue striking for another 2 days on top of the 2 days they were planning to strike for.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Touring action

A bus load of workers from the distribution center in mangere came into auckland to support striking cinema workers at village sky city cinemas this evening. The cinema workers are on minimum wage and are striking for higher wages and an end to youth rates. It was awesome to see the workers from mangere standing side by side with the cinema workers. The picket was incredibly upbeat and i got to meet some awesome people. The photos are not the best quality unfortunatly but you get the idea :)

a few chants used at the event "when workers rights are under attack - stand up fight back"
"what do we want? - more pay when do we want it? now"
"From mangere to auckland workers strike for workers rights"

The strike continues in Mangere