Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Clean Start/Unite March
After the rally at aotea square their was a Clean Start and Unite combined march down and around queen street, it was lively and positive with workers stopping outside Mc Donalds and Imax calling for a 12 dollar an hour minimum wage and better conditions. Workers and those on the rally went into imax but were firmly told to leave by security and members of the TPU. The number of seperate Union actions has been high lately with perhaps 3 different rallys, strikes, or pickets weekly.
The rally today had participation from several different unions and it was good to see some cooperation from organisations which normally don't work together.

Members of Radical Youh reminding us that capitalism only benefits those at the top. Unfortunatly the Unions didnt speak about the structural problems in our society today and ignore the environmental impacts of human activity.
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