Saturday, August 19, 2006

Diagnostic Medlabs Rally and March
The rally was kinda weird, the workers where their because they wanted to keep their jobs but it was the company president speaking and it seemed the rally was more to protect the companys profits than the workers rights. That said it's pretty positive when one or two thousand workers and their familys take to the streets over something they care about. If their was effective organising going on the workers could really benefit from the current situation with medlabs.

Any rally that has rodney supporting it probably isnt in the best interest of workers. I asked him why he was their to which he told me to get lost. When i asked why he had the balloon he said "because i like the colour". Maybe he was in a bad mood or recognized me.

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George said...

I think Rodney was confused and didn't know why he was there - he doesn't look very enthusiastic in that photo. He obviously was only there for the pretty balloons.