Sunday, August 13, 2006

Guerilla Gardening
This blog is dedicated to protest and left wing activity, so im going to be blogging over the next few months about guerrilla gardening. Basically guerrila gardeing involves growing plants on someone elses or abandoned land. Its an anti capitalist act which can help to build regional autonomy improve the environment and build community. Living in mangere their is a real need for affordable organic produce and a need for safe activitys which would help the development of young people, I think guerrilla gardening and community gardens possibly run through churches could do this.
my garden, hot house and tree house (pool behind fence)
My situation I live on a quarter acre section (larger than most peoples) i currently garden most of the spare land at my place and am continuing to improve productivity and species diversity but have used up most of the section. Across the road is land destined for development but on which not much is happening though occasionally it gets bulldozed of weeds, this is where i will be primarily guerrilla gardening.

Today i planted a few hundred square metres with sunflower, pumpkin, bean and blue corn seeds with the help of tom and deidre. I marked where the seeds were sown with bamboo so i can weed them as they grow. Hopefully they can be harvested before the builders move in.

A worker knocking over glass houses and mixing the glass and soil into heaps

Diggers are to wildlife what tanks are to humans, in the hands of greedy developers nature becomes something to clear and poison. Im hoping this guy finishes and takes off soon like he usually does and leaves the site alone over summer. If not i will have to rely on some other plots im going to put in around where i live


George said...

Nice one... taking back the land for people and nature!

Anonymous said...

Hey guys we have Richard Reynolds from GG UK in Auckland April 3 2013to present. Please come along - details here:

Thanks Gareth from British Council