Monday, August 07, 2006

Pics from free lebanon protest
The die in got quite a bit of coverage on radio and tv.

The cop numbers were a complete overkill though for their part they were very well behaved and did not attempt to stop the flag burning. They did threaten one teenager with arrest as they were under the illusion that any one person was in charge.

The turn out was decent for the weather conditions with a few hundred people present.

A large contingent of the police their were wearing Team Policing Unit vests, TheTPU were set u to deal with serious criminal behaviour but have been used extensively at protests. They have a serious tendency towards violence and have inflamed the situation several times in the past. While they are supposed to have special training and a regular rotation the same cops seem to be creating problems over and over again.

(edit) some info on the Team Policing Unit.

"All members are knowledgeable and experienced in less than lethal tactical options and regularly receive training in shield tactics, violent person arrest drills, and rapid entry house and room searching.
It is essential that the fitness level of squad members is high as they are regularly deployed at serious disorder incidents which take considerable time to resolve and often while the officer is wearing protective equipment.
Team Policing Unit provides Police with the means of effectively and more safely responding to and resolving situations in which disorder has erupted into physical assaults on members of the public or police and property has been damaged. "

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