Thursday, August 31, 2006

Seven days

Distribution workers have been on strike for seven days, the company is still refusing to negotiate honestly and is using scab workers to stock their store's at twice the normal pay rate. Workers from the center in favona have been stageing pickets at store's which are operating as de facto distribution center and have been turning trucks away all day. Despite not being paid in a week their spirits have not broken and these workers are not about to back away from what they are fighting for. If you have any spare time this weekend join the picket at 80 favona road.


Anonymous said...

how are the workers responding to the scabs?

any fights breakin' out?

d v


John said...

Um not much fighting but a lot of yelling in auckland, in christchurch things are more violent (people were getting battoned), the workers are pretty pissed off at the scabs as you can imagine.

George said...

And I'm pretty pissed off at the constant lying that Progressive are doing (and the fact that the media report their claims uncritically)