Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Union Rally
Today was the day of the big union rally against waynne mapps 90 day bill. The bill would have stripped workers of most of their rights in the first 90 days of employment. Their were approximatly 3000 workers present most bussed in from work sites around Auckland. Despite Radical Youth members attending organising meetings and being told they would have a speaking spot by a EPMU representative on the day we were told in no uncertain terms to get lost. As for having a banner on the Aotea center that was strictly out of the picture. Despite that the rally was good with interesting speakers and quite a lot of workers got into it. The rally coincided with boobs on bikes (porn stars topless on motorcycles advertising a sex expo) and queen street was lined with several thousand people jostling for the best spot to gawk from.

Pita Sharples speaking, he confirmed the maori party will oppose the bill so i think its a dead duck unless national chage it drastically. Dylan demonstrating that sculpture can be functional as well as eye catching.


moredeadcops said...

wow, that's amazing to see all of those workers in aotea square, i am atonished(even though i shouldn't be because you all are rockstar organisers)that there was that many people in auckland supporting workers rights!!

i love the photos, and the rad radical youth "smash capitalism' banner.

good work!!

up the unions!

danny vegan


George said...

A good use for that sculpture was finally found!

john said...

Yea it just goes to show what the power of the unions is. If only the unions were radicalised and campaigning on climate change and environmental destruction. Guess you have to start some where though :)