Monday, August 28, 2006

Vertical Space

In an urban garden space is at a premium and vertical space omes to play a large part in raising productivity. Many crops can be stacked eg corn growing up and pumpkins along - something i am doing on my guerrilla garden plots (photos of them to come)
This is something I worked on when i had spare time in the holidays it works like this, water comes off the tree hut into a gutter then into the yellow container you see below. From their is goes into the hose which has a few holes in it over the passion fruit to constantly drip irigate it. It is working fine at the moment but I have some improvements to make eg more plants and pots up the tree and a larger reservoir.

Grape vine growing through a Kawakawa tree and a Fig tree and scrambling over the garage roof.

Golden Passionfruit growing up a fence and into the Tree Hut tree.

I dont know what they are surviving on but thats nastirtium growing on top of a shed, they grow right up the hedge as well. I found the Airport sign on the beach last week.

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Anonymous said...

john you are a superb gardener!! thanx for the pics of your garden!

keep up the good work and keep that thumb of yours green too!

danny vegan