Tuesday, September 12, 2006

20 Days

After 20 days progressives have made their first offer, at 3.5%. This is to workers who have been locked out for 17 days and who have had their wages drop by well over a quarter in the past 7 years as the price of food, petrol and accomodation has risen dramatically. The rate of inflation is 3.4% so the message being sent to workers is shut us down for 30 days and you might get .1% more than inflation takes away. The offer was unanimously rejected by workers one of whom told me how he was completely ready to wait 6 more weeks to get their demands met. The lockout is costing stores up to $50,000 a week and is thought to be costing progressives $35-40 million a week as well as untold damage to the brands owned by progressives. The locked out workers are getting strong suport from other unions particularly the maritime union in NZ as well as unions in Australia, the United State's and Europe. Despite strong public support all those i talked to are struggling to make ends meet and most are relying on family to keep going. The workers in mangere are not going to back down and are willing to bankrupt the company rather than give up their demands. Call 0900 lockout to give an automatic $20 donation.


David Munro said...

You're out of date. The 3.4% CPI for the March quarter was revised down to 3.3% but more importantly CPI hit 4% per annum in the June quarter. So 3.5% is .5% under CPI.

Abdul said...

actually the figures are closer to 4% CPI in real terms, due to rissing fuel costs

Abdul el Razir said...

sorry my research was a little off....its actually closer to 6% CPI...apologies for any misunderstanding