Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Empty Shelves at Supermarket Distribution Center

Shelves are still empty and stock is being spread round to make it look like they are full at newmarket supermarker, one of the supermarkets being used as a distribution center. The lockout is annoying customers and all the supermarket workers i have talked to speak of complaints. No one really seems to have any clue how long this lockout may go for and i doubt makeshift distribution centers could ever fill the demand at supermarkets. Noticably absent are the snack foods and drinks and the wine. Filler stock stacked one or two items deep to make the ends of rows appear full.
Snacks section fairly bare.

Almost empty drinks fridge, lots of dented V cans as well. The lack of drinks could be because frucor beverages are negotiating with their workers and their workers dont want to do progressives work until negotiations end.


George said...

The lack of wine will really huth their profits...

Abdul said...

i dont drink wine