Thursday, September 07, 2006

Huge action on the picket line in otahu

In otahu this evening 50 workers blocked the entrance to the toll logistics distribution center in otahu for 4 - 5 hours. As a truck entered the driver swung a metal poll at workers almost hitting them, in retaliation the workers threw eggs at the trucks and two trucks had tyres punctured. Around 8 police cars were present and police aggravated the situation through random arrests and illegal holds. 9 people were arested with an officer pointing out who to arrest and targeting delegates and those percieved to be in charge od suspected reds. This officer had previously talked about how he hated reds and wanted to arrest them. Those arrested were held for a few hours and charged with things like resisting blocking a road etc and have court in the next week. All arrested are planning to fight their charges and are continuing action on the picket line.

A 2 hour long occupation at the quay st foodtown took place today as well with university students occupying the supermarket and informing the public of the strike action. Flying pickets have also occured at numerous supermarkets around Auckland in the past few days.

A graffiti crew is creating a 6m long work tomorrow at the distribution center in mangere at midday and their is a march in support of workers at mangere town center at midday on saturday.

Negotiations are beggining to seriously occur according to rumours and their is hope that this strike can end soon, workers are attending winz seminars and getting lots of donations of food. Workers are finding the lockout hard and donations are gratefully excepted, food and money can be donated via the green offices on new north road the picket line at 80 favona road mangere or on 0900 lockout.

The maritime union are threatening to stop unloading any containers thought to be heading to progressives supermarkets and Australian unions are contemplating actions in solidarity with the locked out workers. Their is also talk of other workers in NZ going on strike but nothing has been substantiated.

come out and join the picket at 80 favona road this weekend

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