Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Overpriced Poisoned Land

Today i bumped into and talked to a valuer for a private client about the land across from me today. Based on recent sales in the area he thinks its going to go for over 2 million dollars but development wone begin for a few years. The entire site and most of mangere this guy was saying is contaminated with agrichemicals (he gave the example of DDT) so the top 600mm or so of soil will be bulldozed off and put in a landfill. Which is a pity because its nice soil and via bioremediation it could well be used to grow food in future. He says is destined for mid density low quality housing so the developer can make a quick profit.
Predatory wasp (i think) and a member of the carrot family. On the vacant land

Fruit tree's which once surounded a house on the vacant lot.


George said...

Are you goin to do anything on the land then?

John said...

umm the lot where the house was has been a house for a long time - much of the time the property was in horticultural use so what was the house is probably ok to grow stuff on. I dont plan to use the rest of the site until i have read up about agrichemicals and former horticultural land.

Anonymous said...

what sort of bioremediation techniques do you plan on using when you start to fix the land?

danny vegan


John said...

hmm i can't start to fix up the soil at the moment because they have diggers on it but ideally i think i would just let the weeds grow for 3 years or so until their was a mini forest then i would compost the waste on site, i would also apply a layer of compost to the site around 15cm thick in an attempt to breakdown some of the nastys, but i need to read up on bioremediation possibly in the holidays.

Abdul el Razir said...

land should not be a commodity to be bought or sold...i resent the buying or selling of lands