Sunday, September 03, 2006

Progressive Campaign Pics
The Campaign is going strong and workers are still in good spirits, the workers on this site are staunch and seem to realise the importance of their action. Financially things are tough for many workers with most having morgages HP or loans from the "money shops" so abundant in mangere. When food parcels were talked about the workers seemed keen indcating the strain these workers are under. The company is thought to have lost millions with one analyst reportedly saying this strike could allready have cost them 15% of the years profits, despite this the comapny has not even begun to honestly negotiate and comtinues to circulate lies such as a large poster saying the workers were after a 30% pay rise. A march this saturday is planned to leave the bottom of town at midday in support of these workers. Any donations or support would be appreciated as well as messages of support.

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