Monday, September 25, 2006

Youth Rates Picket Against Labour.

A picket was held today calling for labout to support sue bradfords bill to get rid of youth rates. The picket was a response to a long silence by the labour party and a failure for the so called "workers party" to take a strong stand for young workers. Someone had told the labour party the picket was planned so when we got their the office was locked up, in response messages were left in chalk for the staff to read and pass on in the morning.The picket gained a high level of support from passing motorists and public who were leafleted. This action calling on labour to support workers rights was seen by thousands of people in rush hour traffic and comes at a time when labour are laready under the spotlight. Police were noticeably absent and may have been told not to make a scene out of the protest. Actions calling for labour to abolish youth rates are planned in future as the date for voting on sue bradfords bill draws nearer. Their was a good cross union presence at the picket with solidarity and unite present as well as various union members. This is a fight for all young workers and labour will be targeted until they state their support for the abolishment of youth rates.


George said...

Yeah, youth should receive a salary, with bonuses.

Anonymous said...

first question:
why are you apealing to helen clark? i thought that radical youth was anti-authoritarian or has it just become another reformist organisation?

second question:
what is currently being done to build solidarity with the tribe blocading the road to stop deforestation in whakatane?

third question:
hows it going jon?:)

danny vegan


ohhh yeah i´m in mexico city opposing the G8 and am having a blast!!

keep loving keep fighting for a world which all worlds can fit!!

John said...

hey danny hows life going?

we were outside her office to make her look bad and to try and force the labour party to reveal its position on youth rates. If you have any other ideas they would be greatly welcomed.

About tuhoe i know that other activists are making contact and depending on the length of the occupation some of us may go down to join the blockade.

Things are going really well, its holidays at the moment and theirs a decent amount of stuff happening, went camping at a park by the sea on saturday night :) the garden is going really well with spring and warm temperatures arriving.

Hows the largest city in the world? you done anything much interesting down their?

Anonymous said...

yeah, in fact yesterday was the march to remember the massacre in 1968 when the mexican government killed something like 700 students. their was about 12000 people there about a black bloc of about 300 or 400 and many more non bloc anarchists and lots of peace activists, and tons of radical communists and socialists. there were lots of police but a lot of the millitary presence is focusing on oaxaca.

as far as we know the policia didnt arrest anyone, but they tried and were met with rocks and bottles and a disarrest

the march was mostly peaceful, i think that if they tried to arrest anyone people would have went buckwild.

there was lots of political graffiti left behind. circled a´s everywhere.

the only bad thing that happened was that it started raining, if it hadn´t it would have turned into a riot, but you can´t blame mother nature for the weather.

tommorow is the march against the g8, i´ve gotta go though i have to help plan stuff for that.

much love