Monday, October 30, 2006

A culture of symoblic protest

In New Zealand and generally in left wing politics we have a culture of symbolic action, our events are generally reformist reactionary and pointless. In itself this is almost always negative sapping energy and empowering those we ask to do stuff for us. This culture of symbolism is so entrenched that real action is quashed attacked and those that do it are betrayed by their "comrades". At meetings of so called "activists" or "protesters" any idea which directly confronts and directly attacks the society we live under is opposed. We have come to rely on the police and the state to uphold our right to fight against the state. The reality is if we are not being opposed by the state we are living under then we are not being effective. The capitalist system we live under depends on on destroying the planet to survive. As New Zealanders we have one of the most resource intensive lifestyles on our planet. Our neighbors and politicians are part of the problem and it is up to us to educate and take action.

Our reformist action strengthens the system we live under, ending poverty in New Zealand with our current lifestyle is merely moving it oversease- poverty is a fundamental part of capitalism. Unless we are simplifying and changing our lifestyles we are not achieving anything much.

Our society is built on a cheap energy supply and for the nations we live in to give up cheap energy supplys such as oil and coal would cripple them. They will not do that willingly. If we truly believe that we need to cut carbon emissions we need to disable the systems that provide those energy supplys and we need to teach people the skills nessacary to live without cheap energy.

We must be willing to take all levels of action to fight against the state we live under. And those that want to write letters or go to select committes must be willing to support their brothers and sisters that are directly fighting the system. We cannot have those currently in the activist movement fighting against those involved in non symbolic direct action.

I believe that the average person will not willingly give up their cars electricity and resource intensive lifestyle. They will not willingly stop their destructive practices just as the state will not dissolve itself willingly.

We live in a society that relies on violence to bring about submission. If we are presenting a threat the state will respond violently. Non violence as a tactic can be highly effective but it is not the be all and end all. Our planet and all live on this planet is being killed any any effective action is justified in response to this.

We will not stop climate change by signing petitions or partying we need to take down the system that we oppose because no one else will do it for us. If our actions are not effective we should not be pretending that they are. We must force this system to change

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