Sunday, October 08, 2006


This is an area north of taupo consisting of virgin forest and a cool mountain, its surrounded by farmland and plantation forestry. It was one of the coolest forests i have ever been in. These are thes tree's are in was fought for by maori in the land wars and then occupied by forest and bird members around 1978 according to our lecturer and it is only this ongoing defence that has prevented this area from being clear cut.

Clearfelling of pine right up to waters edge, the destruction when compared to the native forest next to it was quite depressing. Pine plantations are rumored to deplete the soil and some think you can only get a few rotations out of them before the land is severely depleted. When compared to normal agriculture pine plantations have much less erosion as the soil is exposed once every few decades rather than multiple times, or continuously throughout the year.

The clear area is clearfelled pine. The forest was a mixed species podocarp forest with a canopy of totara, rimu and toro.

The stream quality was phenomenel with clarity 5 times better than the stream running through unitec and species that were the most sensitive one can find. Following the stream through farmland and monitoring results would be an interesting exercise.

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