Thursday, October 05, 2006

Street Party planned for November 4th

An international day of action against climate change is planned for the 4th of November to coincide with a meeting of world leaders who will be discussing climate change. In Auckland a reclaim the streets carnival is planned for November the 4th. The carnival will begin at 1pm in Aotea square, in the centre of Aotearoa's economic capital. The plan is for the carnival to go on for several hours and those interested are welcome to bring children, family, games, food and a picnic basket or come ready to dance!

The carnival themed action is an act of creative resistance and recognises that the time for civil disobedience and economic disruption of the society of the spectacle has come if we want to preserve out planet for those who were born today and tomorrow. For this day of action members of a wide range of environmental and social justice groups have come together in Auckland City and are planning to take to the streets in an act of civil disobedience to call for the government to take real action on climate change and to raise awareness of the pressing need to immediately and drastically lower our Co2 emissions by up to 80%. Members of Solidarity, the Greens, Radical Youth, Save Happy Valley Coalition, Socialist Worker, Greenpeace, The Auckland Regional Council, Auckland Animal Action, Residents Action Movement and many other organisations have come together and all are reiterating the strong need for immediate action to prevent climate change from reaching catastrophic levels. The carnival on november the 4th has to demands free and frequent busses in Auckland City, and for the government to go beyond the kyoto protocol both at a domestic and an international level. Behind these demands was a realisation that created climate change is the most serious problem facing humanity today and that a transition to a post-fossil fuel society is needed now!

At the meeting tonight the need to stop climate change was recognised as one of the most serious and immediate threats humanity faces and that the movement around climate change must be as powerful as the struggle for civil rights in the 60s. For the sake of all of our futures the time has come to mobilise, to educate, to raise our voices and our fists, to organise, to demonstrate, to disrupt and most importantly to revolt against and resist capitalism and ecocide! This Action on November the 4th is the beginning of a strong movement relevant to people's daily lives, found in the streets, rooted in our communitties and committed to ending climate chaos.To get involved email

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