Saturday, November 25, 2006

Buy Nothing Day Celebrated at St Lukes Mall in Auckland

International buy nothing day was marked by several members of the public today at st lukes mall. They handed out pamphlets asking people to "Live A Little and Buy Nothing" as well as offering free budgeting services. The day is the start of the official christmas shopping period and inside the mall santa was taking the stage along with a full show. Outside those marking buy nothing day talked to people about alternatives to buying christmas presents and the real impacts of our purchases. One family talked to us about how "they never buy christmas presents" and how for them "every day day was buy nothing day"
The stall was interrupted by security who ripped down a banner aggressively and followed participants through a carpark and out onto the road. The stall was restarted at the main entrance of St Lukes but was again interrupted by management, security and police who told us the street was owned by the mall and that we had to leave.

Handing out leaflets to motorists and passers by.

"If the world was to consume like the affluent West, we'd need 3 more planets worth of resources to sustain our lifestyles.A 1998 UNDP report points out that one child in a developed country will consume, waste and pollute the equivalent of more than 50 children in a developing country. "

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cameron said...

Whoops I bought a $1.42 paint brush yesterday. Although I suppose my saving grace is that I'll be be using it to paint placards for the West Papuan human rights protest this Friday.