Thursday, November 23, 2006

Don Brash Resigns

In the coolest news in weeks, don brash just announced he wil resign on monday. All of a sudden i feel a whole lot better. I also want to read Hagers book a hell of a lot more which he annouced at the press conference will now be released by giving Hager copys of the emails - so they wont be stolen. Brash claims that he was planning to resign for a long time and that hagers book was a mere coincidence - whatever the truth Hagers book is ensured commercial success. Im sure brash will be looked back on very negatively by historians and the general public alike. Cullen has described brashs foray into politics as a sad period in brashs life and says brash was never suited to politics.

The new leader will be elected at the national caucus on monday but whoever it is and their are not many options will be severely tarnished by this whole affair.

John Key has just announced that he intends to stand for the position as leader of the national party though he says he does not know if he has the numbers to take the position. Key has spent 20 years in commerce but is a comparitive newcomer to politics. Whether he has the ability to lead the national party through this saga remains to be seen. Michael Cullen puts it nicely "The Labour Party relishes the prospect of having nearly two years to highlight Mr Key's inadequacies. We look forward to the next leader and the one after that,"

Hagers book should be available in bookstores from tomorrow morning as distibution has begun immediatly.

Video available at,2106,3875981a6160,00.html

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