Thursday, November 09, 2006

Drinking Age Bill Defeated
Democrats win lower house

The drinking age is going to stay the same!!!! New Zealand politicians have seen sense and decided that the problem may well be a cultural one not a legal one. Changing the drinking age was never going to change our culture and may have made it worse. Facing their generations drinking problems and setting responsible examples of drinking patterns is what is needed not legislation that eliminates the freedoms of adults. The primary source of alcohol for underage drinking is parents changing the age was never going to have changed much.

I hope the coming review on underage drinking does not use teenagers as scapegoats for a wider problem. I hope alcohol advertising is banned and that some of the bottle stores on every corner in mangere where i live are closed.

Im normally not partocularly interested in what goes on in the US "democratic" system but i am buoyed by the democrats victory. Perhaps this points to a larger number of people disillusioned with right wing politics and philosophys? Unfortunately both the democrats and republicans will pursue oil and resources wherever they are found. Both believe in infinite growth and both are proud proponents of capitalism.

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i agree i'm doing a debat against one of my classmate in monro clark and this is very sucsesful work and helpful.