Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Nicky Hagers New Book

Nicky hager has written a new book called the Hollow Men regarding the deception the National party was part of leading up to and after the election. Its contents are supposed to be shocking, suprising and to reveal criminal activity on the part of the National party. It cannot be released due to the injunction regarding Don's emails gained on friday but im sure this will be the big news over the next few weeks and months. From the limited information available i think this could cause very serious damage to the national party. The links to lobby groups and right wing groups are especially concerning, Im just glad they have come to light.

Nicky Hager states in the forword and his press conference that those high in the national partys leadership were aware of what the Exclusive Bretheren were going to do and that Don Brash and John Key knew months before hand. Nicky Hager is saying that the national party lied on major matters and that key events such as the Orewa race speech were cynically planned. None of this comes as much of a suprise but having documentation leaked from insiders is particualrly pleasing.

Marilyn Waring " I would expect to see much of the evidence set out in the book reported to the Electoral Commission, Parliamentary Services, the police and the Auditor General" she also calls this book one of the best political thesis in New Zealand praising its research and quality of journalism.

At 350 pages and with 3 years research interviews and leaked documents this book will certainly be worth the legal battle.

More info here http://www.scoop.co.nz/stories/HL0611/S00368.htm

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