Sunday, November 05, 2006

Reclaim Queen St

a block of queen st was closed for 2 hours yesterday after climate activists told the council they would be holding a street party on queen st. The party was attended by over 200 people with more coming and going as the afternoon went on. The police directed traffic and were incredibly well behaved. Music a trailer load of ice, stalls, speakers, chalk and dancing all kept the crowd entertained and kept people focused on the reason for the reclaim the streets - imminent climate change.

I was supprised by how well the day went and that the street had been closed off for us to have the event. Things went incredibly smothly and testified to the hard work a lot of people put into the event. The event got TV coverage and several News Papers were present at the event.

I hope this leads on to bigger and more targeted mass protests in future and inspires those there to start making changes in their own lives.

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