Tuesday, November 14, 2006

This is a few ideas i have been thinking about for a while now, it gelled for me this afternoon when i was wandering round newmarket watching all the glassy eyed consumers.

Training for domesticity

Studies of almost all domesticated animals show that brain size decreases in comparison with wild animals. This is because a large intelligent brain finds it hard to deal with enclosed spaces large numbers of people around them and the noises and stresses that go with living in a domesticated environment. It is a small step to take this from animals such as dogs and lab rats to humans. Indeed studies have shown that brain size has decreased in so called “civilised” people and that brain structure and function may have been permanantly changed by living in a domesticated environment.

The kinds of traits that would help humans survive in the wild do not help in a civilized environment. Take instant decision making and hyperactivity – in the wild these may have proved incredibly useful to a hunter or someone surrounded by a changing wild landscape, in the office school or farm though these traits are labeled “disorders” and are treated as problems. This is because to live in a city or go to work you need to be submissive passive and able to ignore large amounts of stressful events.

Think about how you would train an animal to be well behaved, quiet and submissive. Commands such as sit, teaching them to be quiet by yelling at them if they make noise and rewarding them if they are quiet. Teaching them to give up all the wild free parts about them such as barking hunting and doing what they want. These are all things which are taught to us through schools our parents and those in authority, being told to “sit” and rewarded for “good behaviour” are all things which are part of domesticating and destroying the things which make humans human and are part of creating a person that will do what is is told.

Like a glassy eyed zoo animal spending hours sitting and stareing at nothing we sit and stare blankly at tvs, computers or just off into the distance. These are signs that we like that zoo animal have been broken. That we like that zoo animal have become shadows of our wild self. Anyone in our society that does not submit to this domestication is drugged like an animal that refuses to do what it is told or thrown into prison or asylums.

Like a lab rat taught to pull levers for less and less rewards until it does it for no reward we sit in class rooms filling out pages of meaningless symbols or sitting in an office working for a faceless corporation doing work which has no meaning to us we like the lab rat have been trained to push levers for a reward which we then attempt to use to buy some of the freedom we have been denied.

Over one quarter of our population suffers from depression and many more regularly take sleeping pills, alcohol, marijuana or dozens of other drugs and techniques to attempt to quiet internal anxiety about the numbing boredom and emptiness of our current lives. Having been domesticated we have lost any excitement meaning or risk in our lives and are now merely shadows of our wild selves. Living in citys and interacting with hundreds of people daily we must constantly supress the urge to fear or distrust those around us creating a constant strain and tension that permeates our lives.

It is only by learning to become passive and obedient, only by learning to be quiet and well behaved that we can deal with what has come to be expected of us.

And why did we make this trade? Who asked us if we wanted to be taught to submit constantly? And why do we keep pushing levers or forms until we die? Well we as individuals were never asked and the cultures and races we are from were never asked indeed entire races would not accept this loss of freedom and they were either literally beaten into submission or exterminated for this refusal This domestication is a vital part of keeping civilisation running and to keep people from quitting their jobs or walking out of their schools.

We must come to accept that there is no reward that can make up for this loss of freedom, that domesticated reality is only a shadow of what we as people we could be. It is only through rejecting this culture of submission and domestication that we can hope to ever get anywhere, we must not trade a paycheck, tick in a schoolbook or drugs for the chance to live a wild life. Rejecting civilisation and embracing the wild is an important step to a real, meaningful life.


George said...

Interesting post John, your perspective is much appreciated!

Anonymous said...

jon, your analysis is spot on. keep picking/tearing civilisation apart and enlightening the rest of us!

fuck the agricultural revolution!