Thursday, November 02, 2006

Why protests fail
One of the key reasons our current protest movement is failing is a lack of any real personal conection with the issues we are fighting for. While we are not completely commited to our success on an issue - while we are not emotionally connected to issues we will keep doing half assed actions that are not effective. As a movement we need to reconnect ourselves with what we are fighting for - we need to learn to love our environments and the people we are fighting for.

If we are just organising because we think an issue is important if we are just organising because we think we should be doing it we are doomed to failure. Movements such as the Animal Rights movement, the Civil Rights movement - the Korean farmers fighting against free trade these are all cases where those involved cannot accept defeat and their tactics reflect this.

I dont think personal connection is enough to win but i think its enough to get real commitment. Once you have commitment then you can decide on which tactics will be most effective.

Our lifestyles are killing the planet - to compromise is to condemn the rest of those we share the earth with to extinction. We must come to accept the situation and come to fight like we really cared.

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Eabha the Kiwi said...

Well said. I totally agree. I need to emotionally reconnect myself. Thanx for the great insight!

John D