Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Radical Youth Hui a brief report back

This past weekend was the Radical Youth hui, held in the depths of onehunga in a converted factory. The Hui had a decent number of people attending considering a last minute change in venue and challenges due to holidays. A wide range of people some completely new to activism and some with years of experience were in attendance travelling from around the country to attend.

Up to 25 people at a time took part in a wide range of workshops such as direct action, radical cheerleading, organic gardening, introduction to anarchism, climate change etc. All those taking workshops were well prepared and clued up and all of us learnt new information and got a glimpse of issues which we hadnt really considered before. A few hiccups and miscommunications occured with scheduling but nothing that could not be worked out next time.

During the strategy session at the end of the second day a long term division became apparent around the future direction of Radical Youth. Whether to move out of schools into university or to try and hand the group over to a new group of energetic, angry young people was debated. After the strategy session one of the cofounders of the group posted a piece entitled "Radical Youth, April 2005 - January 2007, Rest in Peace" the accuracy of this post will be left to be seen but I certainly think their is a need for a activist group driven by teenagers - whether radical youth can fit this role in its current form is debatable but certainly not as fixed as this post seemed to make out.

The highlights of the weekend for me were meeting new people, food not bombs and watching videos projected onto a movie screen size wall. That a conference of young activists even happened in Auckland is hugely inspiring to me and I want to sincerly thank all those that travelled from around Auckland and New Zealand to attend. A lot of people put work into making this happen and everyone at the hui contributed to its success, I hope this is the first of many youth organised conferences and skill sharing weekends.


Asher said...

Nice review. I really enjoyed the hui - will be doing a write-up on it (including my prep notes for the 3 workshops I ran for anyone thats interested to see some of what we did) on Anarchia sometime in the next few days.

p.s: I don't like your new design...needs more lines!

John said...

yea i agree the new design is rather hard to look at, i just got sick of the other one and couldnt be bothered searching for something better so i just took something different. Would be good to get the notes for your workshops especially intro to anarchism :)

Asher said...

Ah, thats much prettier!