Thursday, January 25, 2007

Anti Civilisation Ideology

Recently Anarchafairy posted on the failure of anti civ ideology having not read or listened to anybody talking about civilization for a while I did not give a particularly good response on what civilisation is or why I oppose it. After listening to Derrick jenson recently I thought I would paraphrase him.

According to Derrick Jenson civilization can be defined both historically and linguistically by the growth of city’s. According to his reasoning, as city’s denude their surroundings of resources they must import resources. This importation of resources means that by their very nature city’s are for the most part unsustainable as they will continue to denude an ever larger area of resources. As they depend on the importation of resources they must also rely on violence, as there will come a time when cities will not be able to get what they need through trade or peaceful means. When this time comes they will be forced to use violence to get what they need to continue.

This is the case for our entire civilization – forced to denude ever greater areas just to survive and reliant on violence to get these resources for example land or oil.

To reverse this ever growing denuded area and global inequalities in wealth there is a need to minimize the forced transportation of resources. This means making city’s self sufficient and moving people back to places where they can produce their own food. As long as our lives are dependant on transporting food, oil, metals around the globe the state will rely on violence to get these things. This is why I am fundamentally opposed to civilization as I have defined it above.

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