Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Sorry for my sporadic posting lately despite the break im quite tired at the moment, anyway here are a few thoughts playing through my mind as we head into a new year. Apologies if they dont make much sense.

New Zealand has a growing economy, a growing middle class and a high level of consumpion/lifestyle. The civilisation we live in continues to grow unabated and environmental degradation not only continues but is snowballing. We are only a few years away from important tipping points where the effects of global extinctions, resource depletion and climate change begin to shape our realities.

Despite all this normal life will prevail for most people for quite a while, the chances of sudden catastrophic collapse no matter how much some of us may hope for the otherwise are remote. We are stuck with civilisation for the forseeable future, this makes our choices as to how we fight all the more important and at the same time all the more important. But we are up against a civilisation reliant on destruction that has roots thousands of years long.

The time is wrong for a revolution, our conditions are simply too good for the average person to be benefitted by an otherthrow of our society. And as humans we have become completely alienated from all that is natural and free. We dont need another campaign or piece of legislation we require a deep change in how we experience life. Iv got no idea how this culture is to change I think that people will not change willingly but I hold out hope that this may not be true.
This is a fight we are not likely to win and every environentalist i speak to seems to know it. Those of us involved in fighting for the beings on this planet humans and nonhuman carry a heavy burden - that the time to act to fight is now that their has never been a more pressing need to stand up for what we believe in but that the odds against us appear insurmountable.
Im not sure what the effect of our actions will be but i am certain that the time to stand up for what we belive in is now and that even though our actions may appear small now that they matter.

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