Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Really interesting blog

A really interesting blog is stanselen everythingn is written really really well

It was after a short time of this that I really began to notice something. Something being that the trees or one in particular – a very large one in front of my view, except from a light rustle of wind and birds and insects stood so still and calm and peaceful and this struck me as a beautiful comparison to the people, scurrying around bothered and hurried about by all the everythings they fill their lifes up with and the more I looked back and forth between the tree – graceful, gentle, large, accepting and wise and the people – tense, busy, loud and plundering on, I saw these huge comparisons. I guess this could sound a little judgemental but I could also see this human ’smallness’ in me as well, like how stressed out little things can get me. Unlike the tree, who just accepts all those insects living around, beneath and within it, whilst I freak out over the flies in my home like they’re poisonous or something.
I felt blown away looking at this tree, I was mesmerised by its serenity, that something so big can be so still and just living to grow and be and breathe and exist and we are so small and ignorant and foolish compared. After this experience I started to take trees seriously again, to try to be more tree-like, (when I remember to). It replenished my belief that all living things have souls and trees are much more than just scenery, they exist to show us a better way of being, and are so much more evolved than us silly little people

A quote from a critique of the zapitista struggle that I liked

"Up until now the revolutionary principle has struggled against this or that established order, that is to say it has been reformist" - Max Stirner

The critique was interesting and had some really good points, questioning the nationalistic and top down aims of the army. It concluded that what the zapitista's wanted a return to old style nationalism in which capitalism and individual ownership were goals of the army. It also focused on the use of symbolic assemblys and referendums by the EZLN's leadership to justify their undemocratic nature.

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