Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Strangely Like War

I picked up a few cool things from the freedom shop stall at the indymedia conference including Strangely like war: the global assault on forests. In it Derrick Jenson describes how civilization has as it as spread devoured every forest in its path. Reaching back in time to the cedars that once covered Lebanon, the forests of Israel, the forests of the Arabian Peninsula the Forests of China and Britain etc. All of these forests are now either a memory or for most people completely forgotten. He then describes how the last remaining forests are being destroyed for profit and how the system that destroys these forests for profit works.

One quote that derrick jenson uses is “Forests preceed us and Deserts dog our tails” this really struck me, particularly with the imminent threat of climate change. A potential solution to this problem is found here a including video on the side bar about how permaculture can be used to restore deserts. The video is stunning and includes geoff lawton saying "we can re green the middle east, we can re green the desert any desert" for inspiration on the posibbilities that are still open to us I would highly reccomend this.

He talks about how the way we view the environment affects how things shapes how we act, using the line by a Canadian forester “when I see trees I see dollar bills” He argues that as long as we view the trees, rivers, people as resources we will exploit and destroy them. This when tied in with the growth of cities and peoples results in a situation where we cannot even comprehend the environment as having intrinsic value and at the same time we are forced to destroy our surroundings to survive.

It’s a powerful book and at 150 pages covers things succinctly and clearly I would highly recommend it to anyone.

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