Friday, March 09, 2007

Horizon Gardens

These are some photos I took yesteray at Horizon gardens. Horizon gardens is a community garden which provides an opportunity for people affected by physical and mental disabilities to garden in a judgment free, supportive environment. It also provides allotments for members of the community who pay a small fee and get an allotment for a year. The gardens are about to be significantly reduced in size to provide extra car parking and room for CCS who own the gardens. It’s a really beautiful place and has a remarkable sense of calm and tranquility which will soon be interrupted by diggers and heavy machinery.

The gardens have a new manager who is plannint to run a series of gardening workshops and who is full of plans to develop the site as a demonstation permaculture garden. The green fingered message is to be combined with a social justice message, and a wider focus on what is wrong with our current society. It is envisaged that through intensive use of land and careful planning that even with a significant reduction in size the site will maintain or improve its current productivity. I’m really excited about the opportunity’s the redevelopment will present and am glad for the chance to work in such a beautiful place.

There is far too much to write about in one go so I will gradually post pictures and information as I work there. I will also post more photos of my own garden which im getting cranking in anticipation of some winter veggies.

Old chook house, surrounded by a fig tree and clump of bananas. This is to be cleared.

Mountain Pawpaw flowers, the Pawpaws push out and develop in size.

Part of the well established orchard which is to be destroyed.

Bed of spinach plants, with a sporadic mix of vegies at the back
North facing slope, The site is sheltered from winds and has some of the richest soil I have seen.
An allotment, mulched with corn stalks and leaves, the path is made of wood chips. The mulch will hold moisture in provide organic matter and allow worms to come to the surface without drying out..
An area primarily covered with tamarillo trees and weeds which is to be developed into a mini food forest.

To find out more about how you can help out at Horizon Gardens or if you have any queries about gardening in Auckland just leave your email in the comments.

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