Friday, March 23, 2007

Just browsing through my documents and I came across something I wrote a while ago:

The worlds ecosystems have been under a sustained attack for the past ten thousand years, Countless trees have been felled – for houses – fuel, ships etc, countless fish have been pulled from the ocean. Countless species systematically exterminated because they interfered with mans ability to profit. This destruction has snowballed – from a few hundred thousand people building villages and city’s through a few million to around six and a half billion people. And things are not getting any better, indeed they are only getting worse.

On top of runaway environmental destruction we have built a civilisation that is reliant on a few resources – both renewable and nonrenewable have been hyper exploited to the point where they are about to disappear permanently. Our current way of life rests upon a very fragile tower of cards and it will collapse.

A report I saw summarized the other day says that half the worlds surface will be in permanent drought by 2100 – a third of the worlds surface will be so dry nothing will be able to grow. Another report says our oceans will be emptied of fish within my lifetime and that we will all have to switch to eating jellyfish. Yet another report points to the peak and decline of the worlds oil supply’s.

Clearly things cannot continue like this much longer, the world cannot take another 20 years of growth – it cannot even take another 20 years of abuse at this level. Things must change and they will whether we like it or not. We have two choices – we can continue to use our resources to grow and grow or we can attempt to change to a more sustainable way of living.

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