Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Anti smacking legislation

Just read Capitalism Bad: Tree Pretty's report on the anti anti anti smacking march I'm glad only 480 people turned out in favour of smaking and that most of those were christian fundy's. Growing up with christian fundamentalist parents and with most of my friends parents christian fundy's I know that christian discipline is used as an excuse for angry parents to beat their kids. I and most of my friends had at various times had beatings excused as smacking with at least one of my friends sustaining injurys from the so called loving christian discipline. As a child I attended services where international evangelists espoused the need to "dare to discipline" and was taught that violence against children was completely justified. The christians that are marching in support of smacking are marcning in favour of archaic beliefs which cannot be justified. The schools that shut down to send their kids to it if anything like the schools in Auckland have a primary purpose of religous indoctrination and if like those in Auckland have archaic views about sexuality, gender and violence. As long as our society is ok with violence directed at children then christians and abusive parents will get away with beating their kids.

Thinking about how much I hate christian fundamentalists here's a track by Bill Hicks.


jo said...

JOhn, yes I hate those nasty pro-life fundys as well! I've had the unpleasant experience of having one (Christine) commenting on me blog of late, she blames single parenting as one of the reasons for 'undisciplined children', yet i'm sure that in the same breath she would take away abortion rights, I wish I could share this Bill Hicks vid with her, might scare her off for good. My parents also believed in 'loving' (hardly) smacking, though this often turned into a belting if you showed any form of resistance.

John said...

Yea resisting often ends up making things a lot worse, I just cant believe the public is being so completely irrational over smacking. I was wary of posting bill hicks, some of his material is prety sexist.

I dont know how to shake the christians, I just delete comments I dont like :)