Wednesday, April 04, 2007


really interesting post about the likelihod that we will pour our remaining fossil fuels into dead end energy sinks here on The Archdruid Report. Something not touched upon but which I'm interested in is the use of algae as a source of fuel particularly as it appears to be something which can be done on a small scale with little advanced technology using waste products.

A short part of it the essay

"Of the dozens of good examples in the daily news, the one that seems most worth noting right now is the economic blowback set in motion by the US government’s attempt to bolster its faltering petroleum-driven economy with ethanol. As corn and other grains get diverted from grocery stores to gas tanks, commodity prices spike, inflation ripples outward through the economic food chain, and the possibility of actual grain shortages looms on the middle-term horizon. More than twenty years ago, William Catton pointed out in his seminal classic Overshoot that the downslope of industrial society would force human beings to compete against their own machines for dwindling resource stocks. His prediction has become today’s reality."

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