Friday, April 20, 2007

Co-Founder of Permaculture Speaking in Auckland

Im thinking of starting up an Auckland peak oil/sustainability group at this meeting, anyone in Auckland interested? The group would probably be focused on practical solutions to the imminent changes brough on by peak oil climate change and other threats to our lifestyle.

Friday evening 4th of May David Holmgren will be speaking on how our NZ towns and cities can be adapted quickly to the converging threats of climate change and peak oil decline. I listened to him speak in Matakana and it’s a brilliant talk. He starts with explaining the impacts of what it means if energy reserves decline slowly and climate change happens slowly to what happens if the energy reserves decline quickly and climate change happens quickly. There are basic four scenarios, one of which is most likely for NZ. Each scenario has different implications for governance, economics, social stress, and energy planning. From listening to his Matakana talk Australia and NZ will be going different ways and planning for changes very differently. Indeed, some scenarios seem to bring the most effect changes at a regional and community planning with national government possibly becoming very weak.

Regardless which of the four scenarios NZ falls into, there are adaptations that can be made very quickly and for very little money if we think about it now. Retrofitting Suburbia is about those practical and positive changes that could metamorphosize the problematic ‘Burbs into abundance of food, work and community health opportunities. Hope you can come. Your family’s future might be redirected by what you learn on this night.

6:30 pm Friday evening, 4th of May
Clocktower Lecture Theatere
University of Auckland
$15 per person or $10 for student with ID
Pay at the door

PS for Maps of how to get there or coloured posters to put up please email and I will email you one back to print out.

Sponsored by Organic Farm NZ Auckland Region


Joseph said...

Hey, you might have seen this but just in case you havnt its pretty cool. Its about permaculture in the city.

John said...

Thanks I really appreciate the link :) feel free to post any interesting stuff you come across