Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Opposition to War on ANZAC day.

In Auckland

A silent but visible vigil marked ANZAC day in Auckland with protesters highlighting the ongoing involvement of New Zealand troops in unjust wars around the world. Protesters held a six meter long banner saying “Honor the dead; no more wars” and placards such as “NZ troops out now”, “Lest we forget Afghanistan” and “World War one was supposed to end all wars”. The protesters stood out markedly amongst the thousands who attended ANZAC day.

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And a unimog smashed into a minivan breaking the drivers leg.

In Wellington

Horns were also used, and two New Zealand flags were burnt. Police arrested one of the burn-ees and another was arrested for not a lot, really.It was pretty embarrassing for the police, and they were whispering to us to be quiet as they arrested the two, one of whom did not go very quietly.. woo! :) A few 30-40yo men came and helped tackle some of us and held one the people arrested to a fence while the police dragged at his feet

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The response to the protest has been quite rambling and incoherent. I can only laugh when people claim that we don’t appreciate the “hard won freedoms” that these soldiers killed for in WWI. Do they even know why WWI started? Do they know that it was little more than empire building? Do they know that NZ entered the war with the main aim of simply securing the NZ State’s primary export market at the time, Britain?

Personal perspective by Anarchafairy

In South Taranaki

Vandals attacked the site set up for the Anzac Day Dawn Service in Patea in South Taranaki overnight, smashing and knocking down crosses arranged around the town's cenotaph.

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In christchurch

This morning, womyn dressed in black gathered in a silent vigil at the ANZAC Day dawn ceremony at Cathedral Square in remembrance of womyn and children raped and killed in wars

The womyn in black felt their presence had made an impact on the thousands of people attending the service. Many people stopped to read and consider the message on the banner they held, which read "In Remembrance of Women and Children Raped and Killed in Wars". The silent protestors had their message respected by people, who gave them the necessary physical space in a crowded situation

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In the News

On the other side of the trenches parsons and chaplains of various Christian denominations held prayer services for troops and prayed to God with them before battles.

Which side was God really on? Neither. Which side could justify going to war?Neither.

John minto has an opinion piece

The Defence Minister has slammed protesters who disrupted ANZAC day services in the capital this morning.

Speaking from Afghanistan, Phil Goff said the protests are misguided and the depth of ignorance is astounding

Phil Goff speaks from afghanistan

In Australia

Anti-war graffiti labelling diggers "murderers" was daubed in paint on a war memorial in the NSW central west community of Bathurst overnight, ahead of this morning's dawn services.
Shortly after receiving many calls about the graffiti, police arrested five teenage girls nearby, allegedly still covered in paint.

More than 30 people, including members of the military, Fire Brigades and local council, worked through the night to remove the graffiti before the dawn service.

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"When a lot of our men came back from the war, they came back under the white Australia policy and they did not get the benefits of land grants or war pensions. It's those kinds of issues that are stored in our hearts."

But they received little recognition when they returned home under policies favouring white Australians, and were not even counted as citizens until 1968. Pastor Bill Simon, who was to lead a church service following the march, said for too long there was a military tradition to "send the little black fella out to do all the hard work"

Aboriginals demand Anzac Day equality From here

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