Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Our Ecosystems

To the person who found my blog by searching "do we need to stop destroying our ecosystems" the answer is....... yes. We have already substantially lowered the carrying capacity of this planet for almost all animals and this trend is only speeding up. The sooner we halt the destruction the better for all organisms and the higher the quality of life possible for humans.

On another note I'm getting quite interested by some of the oppurtunities for my place, I'm thinking of getting bee's (Dissapearing Bee's is freaking me out). I want to get a few chickens, both to recycle our food waste and provide compost but also to heat my hothouse. And i'm beggining to collect aquatic plants for a large pond I plan to turn our pool into. And I hope to start growing mushroom and brewing my own alcohol over the next few months.

These are all real steps to lowering my impact on the planet and gaining the skills and knowledge nessacary for a transition to a sustainable way of life. I'm confident that even on a quarter of an acre I can provide a substantial amount of food and other products sustainably.


skeletom said...

heres the site for u my man
wat plants u been collecting?

Kelsie said...

Hmm. Just found this blog. It's really interesting. a worry about having chickens in the suberbs could be cats and dogs though. Chickens ar'nt very pretty when theve been mauled to death, :(. Brewing you own alcohol and growing your own food is brilliant. Really easy to once you learn how.

jo said...

Best to have a fence then!, are cats really an issue with chickens, we had chickens, back when I was a young'un and the cats never bothered them (or the dog for that matter) We are also building a chicken roost/hutch for our garden so we can have free-range eggs on hand and nice juicy manure for garden, we have a worm farm too and I'm wondering about bees, friends of ours have bees under their feijoa bush and its fruited amazingly this year. 30-20 years back almost everyone had chickens.

John said...

Just collecting some water weeds and edge plants (dunno their names) and putting them in small containers of water, I want to set up some test ponds soon to just get an idea as to how things work together.

My main worry for my chickens is my neighbor, I will fence their run in as strays abound in my area. I think cats may go after small chickens but im not sure. You should definetly post some pictures jo so I can get some ideas. I took some photos of the garden today but blogger is playing up.

A lot of people have been talking about the way the suburbs used to be a few decades ago, I think its worying that the knowledge about growing food etc has dissappeared.

jo said...

I'll post something up in the next week or so, theres a bit of reorganising before the structure goes up for the chooks, we are really looking forward to getting our new family members.

Kelsie said...

'worying that the knowledge about growing food etc has dissappeared.'
Is exactly what got me into horticulture. it's something so simple yet so important. I really wana teach people how but everyone i seem to know thinks gardening is a 'Nana' kind of thing to do. :(

John said...

Somehow all my friends (17 - 22 pretty much) have ended up with vegie gardens its kinda addictive once you get started I think.

About the knowledge thing, David Holmgren the cofounder of Permaculture is speaking in a couple of weeks in Auckland and im thinking I shoud use the oppurtunity to set up a peak oil awareness group to explore the possibilitys the next few years might bring and what skills information and knowledge we should be desperately trying to save. Will see what happens.