Friday, April 06, 2007

Signs of collapse

Across the interenet several sites I read have been discussing the poor state of the U.S housing market. It seems abundant loans given with little collateral combined with slow growth in the housing market have caused several major lenders to go bankrupt. It looks like a government bailout may be nessacary and if the current trend continues then the entire housing and finance market may be in for a sudden and rapid decline. A much more lucid and interesting acount can be found here or here.

On another note I'm thinking my predictions made several years ago of a 2012 peak in oil production may be realistic. Change seems to be speeding up and while the economy is still flourishing the indications a collapse are becoming more and more evident. If one wants international travel or some of the other desirable things provided by ociety I would advise you to get in soon.


maps said...

Oh give us a break. Yes capitalism is a crisis-prone system and we could well be set for a crisis, but this apocalyptic stuff has everything to do with your wishful thinking, and just makes you look silly.

John said...

Uhhuh I think the IPCC report last week, empty oceans and peak in global energy supplys within the next 30 years all point otherwise. If you want to prove that global capitalism can last for longer than say 30 years feel free.

ps I'm still waiting for your socialist solution to climate change.

maps said...

So I shouldn't book that plane flight more than thirty years ahead? You gave the impression that the end was nigh this year. There's a long history of errant leftists predicting the imminent demise of capitalism and then looking like fools.

I don't know the exact solution(s) that socialism would provide to climate change, because socialism is not a set of specific policies, but a system. Where the motor of capitalism is the market and private ownership of resources, the motor of socialism is collective ownership and democratic planning for the use of resources. These are preprequisites for a proper set of policies towards the environment.
The only alternative is to either embrace market-driven solutions, as Al Gore and co would have us do, or hope as you seem to do for an apocalypse that will throw the baby out with the bathwater by wiping all of indutrial society.

John said...

I peronally think we will see signs of collapse within the next 5 years, thats why I mention it on my blog. I can't prove this and don't know enough for me to state it dogmatically publically. What I do think I have enough evidence to state publically is that within the next 30 years various parts of the system we rely on will collapse