Saturday, May 05, 2007

David Holmgren Lecture

David Holmgren spoke last night about permaculture and the need to transform the suburbs in response to the twin threats of climate change and global warming. He ran through what permaculture is and some of the background behind both the permaculture movement and the problems facing us. One of the key themes running through the process was energy and the currently wasteful energy intensive nature of our society.

I recorded the lecture and will try and put it online once I figure out how. The talk was interesting and I came away inspired to keep doing what I’m doing. I think though I was looking for a road map for change. I and I think most of the people in the room knew what is wrong with our society and most know we need to transform the suburbs. Some clear guidance on how to get this change snowballing would have been nice.

Some of the key points I took from the lecture were that we will have to retrofit what is currently existing, all the problems and opportunity's facing suburbia now are what we are stuck with. That we need to vastly increase the use of suburbia we will need more people, jobs and food production in our suburbs. That we need strong examples to inspire change and to teach the horticulture and living skills which are currently being lost.

At the end of the lecture someone stood up and asked about the blogger who was thinking of starting an energy descent group. I was feeling quite tired and this was just the boost I needed to tell people about the new group being formed. I got half a page of interested contacts and I know of several other interested people so once I spend some time working out what how it will run I will email everyone and set up a time and place to meet and get the ball rolling. It was good to hear David and was great to see so many familiar faces throughout the packed room. If anyone reading this wants to get involved in a energy descent/permaculture group in Auckland city leave your email in the contacts or email me at

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