Sunday, May 06, 2007

The fallacy of wilderness

This article here highlights the fallacy of wilderness as it is viewed by westerners. Here is an extract which sums up my thinking almost perfectly.

“Wilderness is a start, but it can't be the end. We also need to reconcile our relationship with the non-human world, and permaculture represents an opportunity for precisely that. Humans have a place in nature, and just like any apex predator, it is a keystone role. The problem is not with humanity itself—we do not eradicate the "wilderness" simply by existing. The problem is simply with one way of life of the many we've tried, one that eradicates anything and everything in its path. We know other ways of life, and for the sake of the wilderness—and that means for our own sakes as well—we'd best remember them with all haste.”

I don’t know how I could say it as simply and as elegantly as that so I won’t try but I will reinforce that walling off large areas while important is only part of the solution. We must create a society in which humans and other animals can continue to evolve side by side. If we are not part of nature and continue to define nature as “out there” then we are not living sustainably.

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