Saturday, May 12, 2007

Urban Sustainability Group

We will be having the first meeting of the Urban Sustainability group on sunday the 20th of may at 9am at the Unitec Organic gardens in Auckland. I would appreciate it if you think about some of the questions below. At this meeting we will work out what people want to do and will decide on our next visit, anyone got a property that needs some work????

Look forward to seeing you on the 20th

Program for the day



What was the journey that led to your current world view and position.

What are you passionate about

What are things you know or want to know about

What do you want to do in this group

How frequent do you want to do things

How do you want the balance between practical and theoretical to fall.

tour of the gardens

Practical task (planting a field of broad beans, onions or maybe working in the food forest)


From carrington road go in gate three go down your first right and you will drive past a sports field at the intersection turn left and the organic gardens are about 100 meters up on your right.

If you open any of the maps on this page the are we will be in will be buidlings 37 - 40

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