Saturday, June 23, 2007

For international readers: John Key is the Leader of the right of center National party in New Zealand, a slick multimillionaire he is short on policy but is good at soundbites. He is probably going to be the next prime minister, a supporter of US foreign policy he wants to restart visits to New Zealand by US warships and up our contribution to the ongoing war of terror throughout the middle east.

Google Bomb shows Nzers think John Key is Clueless

Go to, type "Clueless" into the search box, hit the "pages from New Zealand" button, then click "Search" or "I'm feeling lucky".

Top of the list of results is National Party Leader John Key's personal website –

This result was created by a process called "Google Bombing". Previous political Google Bomb's gained international media attention when the word "liar" lead to Tony Blair, and the words "miserable failure" and "failure" lead to the White House Biography of George W. Bush.

A Google Bomb is successful when enough websites link to their target with the desired phrase. In this case hundreds of links were made to with the word Clueless in the anchor text.

On the 25th of January this year, Google announced that they had changed their algorithm to "minimize the impact of many Googlebombs". However this latest successful Google Bomb proves that the process can still work.

For more information on Google Bombs, please visit:

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Marcy said...

Yuck. NZ is one of the few places of normalcy left in the world. I have been thinking about getting out of the U.S for a while, and Canada and NZ were tops on the list. Scandinavia is also on the list, but I think it would feel too much like a foreign country. I'd have to learn a new language and everything.

But if this dude wants to be in cahoots with the U.S. that's not good. He's going to take a great country and put her on the road to ruin. I hope you guys can vote to keep him out.

Don't you have a female prime minister right now? Or at least you did have in the past.

John said...

Yea we have had the female labour led government since 1999, as far as governments go its not too bad. Helen Clark has taken a center left line, it seems like quite a tame government to me but compared to the US and the rest of the world our government aint that bad.

I'm not that worried about National government getting in, The New Zealand public would not be ok with supporting the United States publicly - most would be behind closed doors. Just last night he came out and said that the differnce between Labour and National foreign policy towards the states would be paper thin. I more dont lke John Key as a person, his bullshit about how anyone can get rih if they just work hard enough irks me, even on a good day.

Im really glad to be in New Zeland as far as peak oil and climate change are concerned - low population density, fertile land and regular rain. I'm not concerned about a right wing parliament mucking that up. Havign another Anti Civ type in the country would be great, dont get your hopes up about NZ though, the public is as ignorant and into consumption as most countrys and our clean and green image is completely due to low population density - per capita we have one of the most destructive lifestyles on earth.

Land is cheap if you want to run away from the city and there are a few eco villages around if thats your thing.