Tuesday, June 19, 2007


I recommend watching at least one of these

Zeitgeist The Movie:

Part1:(without intro) http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-8461754114455236037

Part2: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-2602704786128880796&hl=en

Part3: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=8450558837192717138

Part one shows the parallels between Christianity and several pre christian sun worship pagan religions.

Part two is about the twin towers and I'm kinda bored of the twin towers.

Part three is one of the most entertaining attacks of the economic I have seen. I would love to hear other peoples opinions about this part particularly.

The website is here It simply states that the film is intended to trigger peoples own search for the truth and that the movies are not finished.

And this is a great example of how the medium is the message


anarchafairy said...

I watched the third video. This sort of critique seems to be part of a more general critique whose name I don't know, but seems to be often associated with or conflated with conspiracy theories in general. Perhaps it would be good for me to learn more about this, but I must admit I find it quite painful to watch: it seems to miss any proper critique of the power of the State, puts motivations down to "greed," entertains notions of conspiracy of certain capitalists and the duping of the general (stupid) public (when it seems to me the crimes of capital are freely broadcast in the business section of the daily newspaper). And I'm not sure what this critique seems to propose in its stead: a better functioning market system? a popular State? It just doesn't seem very radical (in the etymological sense of the word) or emancipatory to me, and the conspiracy angle seems quite unnecessary given the blatancy of the crimes of the current social order.

anarchafairy said...

Well, I hadn't finished watching the video by the last comment but, except for some of the stuff relating to war, that film got ridiculous by the end. I mean seriously, a world government? No way. Certainly economic blocs, but borders will remain and will continue to be policed and surveyed like never before.

Or the war in Iraq going as they desired? I think they'd much rather prefer a stable "friendly" State allowing for full privatisation of oil than the current shit they've got going. Admittedly, war contractors are loving the surge in products, but there's plenty of other places they could more safely invade, and I know Blackwater mercenaries are wanting to go into Sudan.

The conspiracy stuff is ott. The media certainly isn't as powerful as they imagine, and they seem to ignore the massive protest movements against things they speak out against (which makes me wonder where their loyalties lie?). I can't quite articulate my unease with this conspiracy stuff, but it doesn't feel like a very progressive force (for lack of a better word).

John said...

Ok my post was really over the top and I did watch it while I was tired, what i should have said was how entertaining I found it. The far right message the film contained was entertaining and hard to miss. It was a very incomplete analysis but had brought together quite a few themes cohesively in an obvious attempt to push one particular conspiracy theory.

There is an entire section of the internet and several high profile figures dedicated to this particular take on the current crisis facing us, while I agree the conclusions are misleading the content is often as good as any will find. The most entertaining such figure is Alex Jones, painful yet beautiful to watch.

Anonymous said...

a little like Michael Moore.