Sunday, July 15, 2007

New Book by Derrick Jensen

So I still have really bad computer access cause my laptop charger is still down but I'm really looking forward to getting the new Derrick Jensen book. The cynicism in the title alone is amazing the amazon page is here

Iv been up to lots of interesting things but am writing on paper now (with these new fangled things called pens its very weird) I also have some good pictures to put up as well, damm internet.

Two of America's most talented activists team up to deliver a bold and hilarious satire of modern environmental policy in this fully illustrated graphic novel. The US government gives robot machines from space permission to eat the earth in exchange for bricks of gold. A one-eyed bunny rescues his friends from a corporate animal testing laboratory. And two little girls figure out the secret to saving the world from both of its enemies (and it isn't by using energy-efficient light bulbs or biodiesel fuel). As the World Burns will inspire you to do whatever it takes to stop ecocide before it's too late

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