Saturday, July 21, 2007

Pro Aborigine Protest at Rugby Game

Placards saying "Protect Aboriginal Children From Howard" with an aboriginal flag on the back were distributed to members of the public going into the New Zealand vs Australia rugby game tonight. Hundreds of leaflets comparing New Zealands racist policy's with those of the Howard government were also distributed. Many members of the public were supportive and the dozens of placards we had were distributed well before the game started. Tonights protest was particularly aimed at the land confiscation proposed by the Howard government and the military occupation of aboriginal land. The public were informed that it was once again time to "mix sport and politics" which brought back memories of the springbok tour to many of the people going into the game.

Feel free to use any of these images on websites which support aboriginal rights. To New Zeal and other right wingers please do not use these images.
The full press release for the event is available here

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