Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Abandoned carpark

Heres a few photos I took of the carpark of the former Otahu Meat Works, it put me in the perfect state of mind to watch What a Way to go, which was awesome! (but depressing)

I pass this area on my way to work a few days a week and often spend a lot of time looking at it. Sites like this provide infinite lessons on how natural ecosystems function as well as being startlingly beautiful.
Leaves and other material builds up wherever there is an obstruction an grasses grow in the broken down humus that forms, the grass and vegetation trap more Organic Matter and the road is eventually covered
Grasses creeping across the asphelt This meadow has formed right across the top of a carpark!
Surface of the meadow
Beneath the surface is asphelt! A 3 - 5cm black layer of decomposed vegetation has formed right over a carpark. The soil has roots running all through it and peels off the surface of the carpark like a mat.
Leaves and soil accumulating along the side of the driveway.

Weed amaranth breaking the asphelt apart.


Anonymous said...

You should rip a 700meg copy of the dvd, and create a torrent. I'd like a copy and I'd help seed...

John said...

I dont know, the makers of this documentary are in quite a bit of debt as it hasnt peen picked up by any major distributors I think they deserve a fair contribution for there work, I think those of us with disposable income should just buy copys to be passed around.

Anonymous said...

Is the point to inform people about ecological crises, or make sure the independent movie industry stays afloat? Anyways, what about those of us with no disposable income?

Aaron said...

great post John, It's amazing how quickly that's happened.

Anonymous, the makers of that film are not the independant film industry, they're two people who made something because they thought it was really important and are in debt because of it. I find it hard to believe you can't scrape a few bucksc together.