Monday, August 27, 2007


We got chickens yesterday and put them into a hastily constructed enclosure at the back of the property. They are living temporarily in a converted rabbit hutch and have a big election bill board for a shelter outside. During the day they 2 eggs were lain, the chickens will be able to live off some of the spilt seed and excess dumpstered food we are given. The chickens were bought from a battery farm and looked after for a few weeks before coming to us.

In terms of design here are a few of the things I took into account, the chicken house will be partially attatched to the hot house to provide warmth and Co2 to the seedlings. The chicken run is beneath a fruiting tamarillo tree and has a growing avacado tree and a guava tree which will provide fruit for the chickens. And the chickens are next to the garden and compost pile for scraps and weeds and adding spoilt straw and manure for compost. The chickens will provide an interesting and useful addition to the developing food forest and garden.

The Eclosure and rear of hot house Digging through mulch for worms
This one was at the bottom of the pecking order before it came to us, large areas of feathers had been rubbed off in a battery cage.

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Marcy said...

That poor chicken. You know, I'll never understand until the day I die how people can look a living creature in the eyes and mistreat it. Never in a million years.