Sunday, August 12, 2007

March Against Youth Rates

Yesterday, many young people took part in a demonstration against youth rates to demand equal pay for equal work. Members of Radical Youth made their voices heard on stage, speaking about their experiences working for youth rates and being ripped off and discriminated against. Unite, NDU, the Greens and Maori Party were also present and spoke. A strong attitude of "No Compromise, Fuck the Politicians" was present among the youth in the march. We don't want the watered-down Youth Rates bill. The bill itself is not enough! It still does not give equal pay for those under 16 years old, they don't even have a minimum wage!

The march, oorganised by YUM, NDU, CTU, Unite Radical Youth and others was followed by a gig with Chook peas, Nesian Mystik and a few other bands. The highlight of the gig was a powerful cover of "killing in the name of" by chookpeas



Anonymous said...

Cool photos John. Can I have some for NDU FLickr page?


John said...

Yup feel free to use any of these, if you want hi res versions I can email them to you. I will burn you a CD with them on and give it to Tom on friday or Sunday as well if you want.

Finsec said...

Good coverage of the event.