Thursday, August 09, 2007

Sunday 19th August, 10.00 a.m. -- Urban Sustainability Group -- Urban garden design day!

Urban Sustainability Group will visit a friend's garden and will go through the process of designing a productive food producing garden

We will look at the gardens existing features, area and ecosystems, including an existing large tree. We will work around existing features in the garden while allowing for a vegetable garden, composting and other things the homeowner wants to put in. The design process will be collaborative with several experienced gardeners and permaculturalists working through the design with help from everyone present. Those who are keen may be able to pitch in and co-operate with composting or a garden bed -- while some may be interested in providing moral support, making friends, helping with food, or eating it! Whatever your passion, this activity will be followed by a shared lunch/pot luck.

All welcome. For more information contact John: mailto:

The Auckland Urban Sustainability group is a group of gardeners and greenies who visit organic gardens and properties around Auckland fortnightly as well as organising and hosting events focused on living sustainably in the city. Our aim is to learn collaboratively from each other and make a positive impact on the Auckland region.

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