Monday, August 20, 2007

Wild foods Collection

After the Urban Sustainability Group had our design session on sunday a few of us went out and collected some wild foods for a potluck that evening. Various leafy weeds and woods ear mushrooms were combined to make a tasty filling for a layered lasagne like dish.

Combined with low intensity permaculture techniques weed species could provide a very valuable part of a diet. Weeds tend to have far higher levels of nutrients than cultivated species, when collecting weeds in the city be sure to wash them.

Harvesting Onion weed, it can be used in place of onions

Harvesting woodsear mushrooms from the house we did the design session at.


From left, mustard, Onion weed, Rosemary, Woods ear mushrooms, greater and lesser plantain, Puha

Fantail which followed us round as we collected weeds.

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