Thursday, September 06, 2007


Its well and truly spring, I spent much of the day working in the garden in a T shirt and bare feet, I’m normally pretty sensitive to cold so for me to be in a T shirt means it must be warm. It was the first time I have had the time or energy to work outside for weeks if not months and it really reminded me how much I actually enjoy gardening. Its not only the planting and harvesting of plants but the building, pruning design and dozens of other skills which all come into play. The food forest part of the garden is beginning to look really good with many of the seedlings I planted a year or two ago now a metre or two high, the garden is thriving with all the organic matter I have added. The soil around almost the entire property has gone from being poorly drained and clayey to rich spongy and black.

The borage self seeds around the place and brings in bee’s constantly as well as being a good addition to salads and teas. These kind of hardy self seeding plants are what I want to increasingly move towards in the gardens I am involved in.
This chicken escaped from the run two days ago and after a desperate search was found eating silverbeet in a neighbours yard. To thank the kids for not chasing it round I invited about 10 of them over to feed the flock. They named this one scaper.

These are various hardwood cuttings I am rooting in pumice.

The flowering daikons (a type of radish) at the front of this photo have roots at least 1.5m deep and weighing 5+ kg, I add them whenever I am making stir frys and they have a nice sour taste. I am hoping they will self seed everywhere as the chooks love eating the leaves almost as much as silverbeet. The chookhouse is to be attatched to the rear of the hot house to provide Co2 and heat.


George said...

Hey, do you have any advice on planting/spreading/encouraging weeds? Weeds just meaning plants that spring up instantly :)

John said...

Um for weeds I kinda just eliminate the ones I havnt found a use for or that I think are outcompting the plants I do want and leave the useful weeds in the ground. For weeds you normally go looking for a spot that already has them. If you have grass you could just dig the soil over and let weeds come up.

umm can you be specific? I hope to make a list of the weeds I eat sometime soon.

I am on holiday so once the anarchist conference is done I hope to get heaps done in the garden and around the place.

George Darroch said...

I'm going to do some research on edible plants that grow round here, and I'll come back with any questions after that. Cheers

jo said...

Borage is one of my absolute favourite plants, it's also dubbed the "happy flower" as it can be used much like St Johns Wort to assist with depression and moodiness, its also great for PMT, try eating a couple of handfuls a day for a few weeks if you want to have a very happy spring and summer! I like to decorate salads and drinks with the flowers too, v pretty. Yay for spring!